invitation for a trip outside of Palestine

Do you ever give your parents trip out of the country, whether religious or tourist trip to entertain themselves after their days of life difficulties ,troubles and parenting?  Or to send a trip cards as gift to the newlyweds like a Honey month as your sister and her husband or your brother and his wife, or one of your friends as a gift to them on the occasion of their marriage

Now you can send such gifts through gift to Palestine site, where it works on the plane ticket reservation, booking sophisticated hotel as well as other travel costs, but simply enter gift to Palestine Website and booked a trip to the place you want and pay the card one of the methods listed on the Website

For example if you want to send your parents or one of them to ' Umrah or Hajj you can login to gift to Palestine Website and choose Hajj or ' Umrah trip card and then pay for the card as mentioned in the Website where the gift to Palestine Website works surprise your family with this gift  , as well as to assist them in all steps of the trip of a plane ticket to the hotel reservation back and forth, such a kind of gifts loved parents as a gift and initiative of their son or their daughter where they feel that their labor to their children did not go to waste by simply thinking of such a gift and then feel an indescribable joy to parents even if they show it

You can also surprise a bridal gift a honeymoon to Turkey, Paris, Egypt, Malaysia, Dubai, UAE and other places where you can send the newlyweds as their honeymoon, for example if you live in Germany and want to send a gift for your brother, who lives in Hebron, on the occasion of his marriage to you that surprised and send him a gift card trip to Malaysia card like a month of honey for him and his bride, Simply enter gift to Palestine Website and chose a trip to Malaysia card and pay the price of this card and then gift to Palestine Website provides other details where to book plane tickets and a room in a sophisticated hotel for two people and the rest of the costs back and forth without the cost of any of the couple anything.

And if you want also to send any people in Palestine to a flight out of the country and this country is not mentioned in the website you can request where you want to be a flight from him, gift to Palestine website can send variety flit and beautiful from Palestine to anywhere in the world, not only as well as it can also send gone within Palestine itself.