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Gift to Palestine (gifttopalestine.com) : This is too big market of high-quality goods and gifts, This large market allows everyone to buy gifts online and send it to Palestine, Through Gift to Palestine (gifttopalestine.com) you can deliver gifts to loved ones, your friends, family in Palestine (the West Bank +Gaza + Israel)

Gift to Palestine began work in late 2012 under the task of social communication among all of the world and the population of the State of Palestine, since it specializes in sending goods and gifts among people outside of Palestine and the people inside.


Our mission : Are you need to send gifts to someone inside Palestine? Do you have a lover inside Palestine and want to send him a gift of a watch, for example? Do you have a wife or a son or a daughter or a parents and you are far away from them and want to send them a surprise? Are you a company working out of Palestine and need to send a gift to another company operating within Palestine?
Yes, of course, here we are! our delivery of goods and gifts to all parts of Palestine (all areas of the West Bank and Gaza and Israel) as delivery is carried out to specifically address of the consignee (to the door of the house or the Company).


Our Customers : Through Gift to Palestine (gifttopalestine.com), you can buy anything you want without identifying and send it to your friends or loved ones inside Palestine and that we can achieve the friendship between the world and Palestine, most gift senders world wide, including: United States and Canada - all the countries of Europe - all the Arab countries - South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela - Asian countries such as China, India, Pakistan, and Russia - Australia.
Most gifts and goods sent from the Palestinians themselves who live outside Palestine to the Palestinians who live within the borders of Palestine.



Fadi Ajrab : Born in 1984 in Qibya - Ramallah,studied and grew up in it, he stayed there until the fourth stage (primary) and then He and his family moved to the United Arab Emirates and lived there most of their lives, He returned to Palestine in 1998, and after procedure Graduation from high school he attend the Arab American University to study communications engineering, he graduated in 2009, Fadi Ajrab loves electronic commerce, communications technology and it's applicationsin areas via the World Wide Web.



Mohammad Dar-Mussa : Born in 1989 in dair-ballout - salfeit, He joined in Arab American University, he Specialization the Management Information System (MIS) and Minor of Business Administration, Graduated in 2011, He is worked in one of the cellular communications companies - Jawwal Customer Care Department.

Mohammad Dar-Mussa


Goods and information : The gifts that we offer on site Gift to Palestine (gifttopalestine.com) under the control of good quality (very highly) as that all gifts holds original brands (local or imported) and it's  provided through the famous stores in the country, these gifts have achieved a high level of satisfaction among buyers


Methods of delivery : The Gift to Palestine (gifttopalestine.com) delivering gifts and goods in several connection methods like the large Palestinian leading company that provides integrated logistics solutions, with a solid network coverage supported by 600 distributors and employee and a fleet of vehicles that is capable to cover the entire West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel. For end-to-end international service, they have established strategic affiliations with worldwide leaders in the overnight and expedited shipping industry.


We guarantee security, speed
We guarantee to receipt gifts and goods safely to the desired destination.
Committed to accuracy in delivery dates of purchases, also provides shipping options for customers according to their needs.

In the end, we welcome always your emails and calls across this information below
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